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Dr. Theron Sherman from Site-42 Plush - Limited Release - Order Before December 31st!

Dr. Theron Sherman from Site-42 Plush - Limited Release - Order Before December 31st!

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Plush will ship out in Late June due to manufacturing delays.

This is the one-time only printing of the Original Dr. Sherman Plush w/ Pen!

(Pen does not spin.)

Pairs well with the SCP-999 Plush or any trees in your house you wish to scream.

This limited release ends on December 31st!


• Released under Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0
• Content relating to the SCP Foundation, including the SCP Foundation logo, is licensed under Creative Commons Sharealike 3.0 and all concepts originate from
• Released under Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0

Based on "SCP-173 - The Sculpture" by Moto42

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

it is very nice and the quality is phenomenal!

999 aka Best Boi
Why is that tree screaming?

10/10 in terms of quality
However the tree I threw the plush at, won’t stop screaming.

Andrew Peckham
Great Product!

I love the Dr. Sherman Plush. The quality is much better than what I thought it might be, and I love how cute the plush is. Greatvitem, and I'm glad I ordered it.

Lawrence Kmet
Dr. Theron Plush

This item was ordered in December and was supposed to ship around April 1st. It did not. Apparently, there was a problem with the supplier - a fabric shortage. I asked about a possible refund and was told that wasn't possible because they order had already been placed with the supplier and I'd have to wait. Due to a shipping problem, we actually received the item about six months after it was ordered. I doubt I'll be ordering from SCP again.

Winston Wells
Can survive being thrown out the window

I threw it out the window, and it was perfectly fine 10/10